July 2021 Newsletter

LCRC Faculty Advancing Research and Therapies   

Inflammation, Obesity Increases Risk of Cancer                                                  


Researchers at LSU Health New Orleans found a link between chronic inflammation, obesity, and an increased risk of cancer. The study was published in the June 2021 edition of Obesity.  Read more.

Targeted Radiation, Prostate Cancer Treatment Breakthrough


Tulane Cancer Center Medical Director and LCRC Board Member Dr. Oliver Sartor was quoted in the New York Times about his work on a promising new prostate cancer therapy. It uses engineered radioactive molecules to target cancer cells in patients with advanced prostate cancer.  Read more.

Collaborator Spotlight: Li Li, MD, PhD

How can doctors determine which treatments will be most effective for treating an individual patient?  Li Li, MD, PhD, at Ochsner Health and a member of the LCRC faculty, helps oncologists do that.  She works to bridge the gap from the lab to       the bedside as oncologists seek treatment approaches tailored to a patient’s specific tumor burden and immune system.  Read more.


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