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Our clinical research program offers emerging therapies and strategies to our patients as investigational alternatives to routine care. We examine innovative treatments and medical approaches designed by our LCRC faculty in collaboration with colleagues throughout the world. The LCRC consortium is affiliated with multiple federally funded cooperative research groups in addition to industry sponsored drug developers.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials are used by physician-scientists at the LCRC and around the world to help test new, cutting edge treatments for cancer and other diseases. Clinical trials one way that patients in New Orleans, Louisiana, and across the Gulf South can gain access to treatments on the very cutting edge of cancer research. Partner institutions Tulane, LSU Health, and Ochsner all have multiple clinical trials for different types of cancer currently open to patients. Please contact these institutions directly.

Tulane University Cancer Center

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LSU Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center

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Ochsner Health Cancer Center

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Tobacco Free Living

Louisiana and the Gulf South have some of the highest tobacco use prevalence in the US. Tobacco use is linked to multiple forms of cancer, including lung and oral cancer. The Tobacco Free Living program evaluates different ways to prevent first and second hand smoking in communities, and helps oversee their implementation.  The program’s successes are enabled by leveraging community partners at the local, state, and national level through collaborations that focus on specific targeted goals which are a part of a larger programmatic structure.  These partnerships have led to a dramatic decrease in exposure to secondhand smoke right here in Louisiana.  Despite this progress, much work remains to be done to ensure that secondhand smoke deaths and health complications continue to fall in the state of Louisiana. Tobacco Free Living is committed to continuing this work to help all Louisianans live healthier lives, free from this health hazard that can contribute to a number of diseases, including cancer.