Core FaciLIties


The purpose of this core laboratory is to assist investigators requiring detection, imaging, and morphometric analysis of gene and protein expression in any type of cell and tissue. Services, expertise and state-of -the-art biomedical imaging services will be provided with the hope of broadening and streamlining all morphological research.

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The Imaging Core is located on the 6th floor of the LSUHSC Clinical Sciences Building in room 601.


The Core is open 9am-5pm Monday-Friday and services are available to all LCRC members at discounted rates and non-members at full price.

Services & Fees

Group A Services (Imaging):

Transmitted light microscopy (code: ULM-A) – $15/hr (labor not included)

Epifluorescence microscopy (code: UFM-A) – $20/hr (labor not included)

Stereo microscopy (brightfield and fluorescence) (code: USM-A) – $25/hr (labor not included)

Deconvolution microscopy (code: UND-A) – $35/hr (labor not included)

Confocal microscopy – (code: UNC-A) $55/hr (labor not included)

Multiphoton microscopy – TBD (labor not included)

Radiography (in vivo) – TBD (labor not included)

Biophotonic imaging (in vivo) – TBD (labor not included)

Laser capture microdissection – TBD (labor not included)

Operation/Analysis/Interpretation (i.e. Assisted Labor) – $45/hr (add to equipment cost above)

Group B Services (Routine Histopathology):

Sample Dissection and/or Handling (code: DISS-B) – $3.25/sample

Paraffin Processing (code: APP-B) – $4/sample

Paraffin Embedding (code: APEM-B) – $2.75/block

Paraffin Sectioning (code: APS-B) – $3.50/slide (limited to 1-4 sections per slide)

Deparaffinization (code: ADP-B) – $3.25/slide

Dehydration and Clearing (code: ADC-B) – $3.25/slide

Cryosectioning (code: AFS-B) – $8/slide

H&E – Paraffin (code: APHE-B) – $3.50/slide

H&E – Frozen (code: APFSHE-B) – $5/slide

Group C Services (Advanced Histopathology):

Special Stain I (code: SSGI-C) – $10/slide (e.g. PAS)

Special Stain II (code: SSGII-C) – $15/slide (e.g. GMS, AFB)

Special Stain III (code: SSGIII-C) – $20/slide (e.g. Trichrome, Alcian Blue)

Indirect Immunoperoxidase (code: IIP-C) – $20/slide (investigator must provide primary Ab)

Indirect Immunofluorescence (code: IIF-C) – $14/slide (investigator must provide primary Ab)

Nuclear Fluorescent Counterstains (code: FCN-C) – $3/slide (e.g. DAPI)

Cytoplasmic Fluorescent Counterstains (code: FCC-C) – $8/slide (e.g. Phalloidin)


Core Director: Luis Marrero, Ph.D., Phone: 504-568-2597, Email: