Core FaciLIties


The mission of Proteomics Core Facility is to help researchers advance their biomedical research programs. The Facility is equipped with gel electrophoresis units, image analyzers and digitizers, and robotics for mass spectrometry sample preparation. Currently, a Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometer instrument implements protein identification. The various applications include the studies of protein expression profile, posttranslational modifications, and partial sequencing of novel proteins. The staff also consult with researchers about their particular research interests and assist with the development of specific applications and solution to problems.

More About the proteomics core

The Current Goals of the Proteomics Core Facility include:

  • To provide Proteomics analyses to researchers
  • To promote awareness of Proteomics applications in Biomedical Research
  • To promote collaboration with investigators in Proteomics-related research and applications
  • To facilitate investigators in extramural funding opportunities
  • To expand the Proteomics Core Facility in the rapidly emerging Proteomics fields