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Serving the people of louisiana

We're building a healthier community by creating personal victories in the fight against cancer and the tactics that treat and prevent it.
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what we know about Covid-19 and cancer

How do COVID-19 and Cancer Diagnoses and Treatment Intersect?
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clearing the air

Educating Louisiana about the dangers of secondhand smoke and promoting healthier air for all.
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Superior Partnerships

We bring Louisiana’s four research and medical powerhouses together to create a coalition of talented cancer researchers.
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Innovative Opportunities

Developing groundbreaking programs for detection, treatment and prevention of cancer in the region.
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Closing the
Gap on Health Disparities.

Our analysis of big data improves health care access for all.
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The Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC) was founded in 2002 under the direction of the Louisiana State Legislature. Our mission is to promote education and conduct research in the diagnosis, detection and treatment of cancer, while pursuing a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.

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More than


in NIH cancer-related funding to date


Patients enrolled in clinical trials in 2020

More than


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articles in scientific journals in 2020

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