Smokeout for 24 hours on Nov. 17

Promoting health and wellness among smokers is an important affair and the Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) wants to spread awareness about The Great American Smokeout (GASO) on November 17th. This day is meant to challenge smokers to quit for 24 hours and encourage them to continue the journeytoward a healthy, smoke-free life.

More than 400,000 people die each year in the United States due to smoking-related illnesses, and Louisiana has the highest prevalence of lung cancer in the country. Seven cities in the state ranked amongst the 50 cities in the US with the most smokers. Ranking at 41 is Lake Charles; at 38, Shreveport-Bossier City; at 36, Lafayette; at 35,Alexandria; at 28, Hammond; at 13, Monroe; and at 12, Houma-Thibodaux, according to a study by the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, a joint program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

GASO is a national day observed yearly on the third Thursday of November and TFL wants to draw attention to the campaign by providing support to those beginning their cessation journey with the help of Quit With Us, Louisiana.

"Any day is a good day to quit smoking, but we celebrate The Great American Smokeout knowing that the citizens of Louisiana can count on our program Quit With Us,

Louisiana as they begin their cessation journey," said Earl “Nupsius” Benjamin-Robinson, DrHSc, CPH, Director, Tobacco Control & Prevention and Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living. “We want our residents to feel empowered to quit and live a healthy, tobacco-free lifestyle.”

Quit With Us, Louisiana enrolls smokers in customized quitting plans through QuitCoach®. The program, which can be accessed via or texting

“READY” to 200-400, is open free of charge to residents of Louisiana 13 years and older. Quit With Us, Louisiana's support methods include text, online, and telephone

assistance, allowing enrollees to choose the most convenient support method.

The Great American Smokeout is observed to raise awareness about the devastating effects of tobacco products and to provoke conversations that lead to legislative actions. Throughout the years, state and municipal regulations have been implemented across the nation, and according to the American Cancer Society, cigarette smoking has decreased from 42% to 16% since 1965 as result of those policies, media campaigns, and the increases in the prices of tobacco products.

TFL runs other initiatives to prevent tobacco use, eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, and promote the benefits of smoke-free work environments. Healthier Air for All highlights the benefits of smoke-free environments in local businesses and community organizations. In efforts to reach younger generations of tobacco users, TFL also offers the Next Era program, which empowers the youth to live a nicotine and tobacco-free lifestyle.

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The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) engages in local and statewide tobacco control policy efforts that focus on tobacco prevention and initiation among youth, eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke, promote cessation services, and identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities. TFL is guided by best practices in tobacco control and envisions a healthier Louisiana by reducing the excessive burden of tobacco use on all Louisianans. For more information visit To find out more about the dangers of secondhand smoke and show your support for a smoke-free Louisiana, visit To learn more about quitting tobacco, visit

About the Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC)

Founded by the Louisiana State Legislature in 2002, the LCRC is a public-private partnership designed to promote education about cancer and conduct important research on the diagnosis, detection, treatment, and prevention of cancer in Louisiana. The LCRC partners with the public at large and four major cancer research institutions in Louisiana: LSU Health, Tulane University, Ochsner Health System, and Xavier University.

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