Mentoring the next generation of Louisiana's cancer researchers

LCRC's Office of Community Outreach & Engagement (COE) recently hosted undergraduate sociology and public health students from Grambling State University and Xavier University at Louisiana, at an COE event. The students shared their desire to pursue careers in research and were thus invited to attend COE’s July 12th “Meeting of the Minds," a group discussion with black researchers to acquire information regarding their experiences, barriers, and their areas of research focus. The information learned in this session is being used to inform future processes, protocols, and activities within LCRC.

After attending the event, the students indicated they had a better idea of what research is and the social dynamics affecting both research studies and researchers.

LCRC believes exposing youth to opportunities and mentorship is crucial to cultivating future research, healthcare, and public health professionals who will aid improvements in the health of all Louisianans.

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