LCRC Announces 2024 Pilot Awards

The LCRC is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2024 research and innovation investment awards. These project funds, awarded to both emerging and established researchers, are designed to support the initial stages of high-potential projects across various fields. The funding will enable recipients to explore innovative concepts, conduct preliminary research, and gather critical data, paving the way for larger-scale studies and increased success in obtaining extramural funding. This initiative underscores the LCRC's commitment to driving progress and supporting the next wave of scientific advancement.

Seed Awards

Shile Huang, PhD, LSU Health - New Orleans - "mTOR regulation of the phosphorylation of mSin1"

Amelia Jernigan, MD, LSU Health, New Orleans - "Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy for endometrial cancer in South Louisiana"

Li Li, MD, PhD, Ochsner Health - "Targeting cancer stem cells stage II/III rectal cancer to improve the response of chemoradiopathy"

Justin Brown, PhD, Pennington Biomedical Research Center - "Exercise and Thymus Function"

Srikanta Dash, PhD, Tulane University - "How the hepatic maladaptive plasticity relates to HCV microbial stress promotes HCC in the cirrhotic liver"

Wu-Min Deng, PhD, Tulane University - "Tumor microenvironment and innate immune response in sexual-dimorphic tumor growth"

Zhen Lin, MD, PhD, Tulane University - "Developing a primate-like small animal model to investigate Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-mediated immunoevasion"

Yan Dong, PhD, Tulane University - "Androgen Receptors"

Siva Murru, PhD, University of Louisiana Monroe - "Development of Pyrazole-Based Molecular Hybrids as Potent Dual Kinase Inhibitors"

New Investigator Awards

Fokhrul Hossain, PhD, LSU Health, New Orleans - "Understanding Cancer Stem Cell Metabolism in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer"

Ashad Alam, PhD, Ochsner Health - "Translational Informatics Exploration on Pre-Cancer Routes and Cancer Prediction in Populations Stratified for Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and Location"

Jorge Belgodere, PhD, Tulane University - "Modelling tumor progression and drug resistance using 2D and 3D decellularized approaches and bio fabricated patient-derived tumor scaffolds"

Jennifer Fang, PhD, Tulane University - "Understanding the Role of EndMT Master Transcription Factors in Angiogenesis and Cancer Progression"

Kristen Limbach, MD, Tulane University - "Machine learning to increase the accuracy of non-invasive diagnosis and staging of  gastroenteropancreatic neuroendocrine neoplasms"

Brigham Walker, PhD, Tulane University - "Medicaid Disenrollment: Plan Choices, Care Outcomes, and Financial Health Among Cancer Patients"

Strategic Investment in Translational Research Awards

Suresh Alahari, PhD, LSU Health, New Orleans - "A small molecule inhibitor of a novel target for treatment of Triple Negative Breast Cancer"

Kris Reiss, PhD, LSU Health, New Orleans - "Therapeutic evaluation of aldoxorubicin for breast cancer brain metastasis"

Qiang Shen, MD, PhD, LSU Health, New Orleans - "MitoNEET/CISD1 Mediates Diet-relevant Energy Metabolism and Promotes Breast Cancer Development"

Victoria Belancio, PhD, Tulane University - "Effect of exposure to light at night on L1 mRNA expression and retrotransposition"

Michael Hoerger, PhD, Tulane University - "Reducing Health Disparities in Lung Cancer Screening"


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