Crescent City OLQ Donation

Crescent City OLQ charitable organization and Alpha Kappa Alpha made a generous donation to the Louisiana Cancer Research Center on behalf of their membership and the memory of Mrs. Martha Smith, who died of cancer in 2021.

LCRC Director and CEO Joe W. Ramos, PhD, was on hand with LCRC Chief Administrative Officer Sven Davisson and LCRC Chief Financial Officer Deborah Reeder to accept the donation.The nonprofit also acknowledged donations made in memory of the late Martha Smith, whose  husband Frank accepted a plaque.  

To donate to the LCRC, a 501c3 organization,  please click here.‍

Video transcript:

M. Robertson: We are delighted to be here today with the Louisiana Cancer Research Center to provide a donation on behalf of all of our members of Crescent City OLQ as well as our sister sorority chapter Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority Inc.,  Omicron Lambda Alpha chapter.

Judge Love: And we recently learned of your great work and your partnerships and your collaborations are really what we need to overcome this battle. And I know we're going to win. 

M. Robertson: I  present to you $1,000 and additional donation of $390 donation on behalf of Mrs. Smith. Many of Mrs. Smith's family and friends sent donations on her behalf 

K. Franks: We know your beautiful wife enjoyed participating with us. And we thank you for the donation that you made in her memory in her honor. She's beautiful here. She's beautiful forever. 

Dr. Ramos: I can't say enough about the great work that you guys are doing.  I started learning about it before you came, I'm new to New Orleans. I'm just starting to understand the kind of work going on here in our communities and we really appreciate your recognizing the value of cancer research and trying to prevent cancer. This one will go to that. As you know we're a partnership with LSU,  Tulane, Xavier and Ochsner. So this lifts all boats.

To donate to the LCRC, a 501c3 organization,  please click here.

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