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First Lady Jill Biden Commends
LCRC's Unique Collaborative
Approach During Her Visit

clearing the air

Educating Louisiana about the dangers of secondhand smoke and promoting healthier air for all.
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We're building a healthier Louisiana by creating personal victories in the fight against cancer and the tactics that treat and prevent it.

Innovative Opportunities

Developing groundbreaking programs for detection, treatment and prevention of cancer in the region.
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Closing the
Gap on Health Disparities.

Our analysis of big data improves health care access for all.
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Senator bill cassidy's remarks

""We have researchers from the medical schools from north and south, and from historically black colleges and universities working on the social determinants of disease that we know are so important in many diseases, including colon cancer."

Dr. Jill Biden's remarks

"That’s why the Louisiana Cancer Research Center was created: because your state legislature understood that the only way we can end the devastation of this disease is by bringing researchers, and doctors, and nurses, and patients together. We see the power of that collaboration here, where LSU, Tulane, Xavier University, and Ochsner are working together under one roof and in communities throughout the state."

For remarks by LCRC Director Joe W. Ramos and more information click here

Each year, more than 25,000 Louisianans receive a new cancer diagnosis. Established to improve cancer outcomes and attain an NCI-designated cancer center in the state, the Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC) is a collaboration hub that advances groundbreaking research, enhances prevention methods, and accelerates innovative treatments for those touched by the disease.

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