Undergraduate Summer Cancer Research Experience



I am a college freshman. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. We do accept applications from freshmen, although preference is given to students who are currently juniors and seniors with at least one semester of remaining undergraduate coursework, those who have completed advanced coursework relating to the research area, and those with interest in pursuing an advanced degree.

I am a senior that will graduate in May/August. Am I eligible to apply?

No. Only undergraduates with at least one semester of remaining coursework after summer research are eligible to apply. (E.g., students graduating in May are not eligible for the Summer Research Program for the summer in which they graduate.)

I am not a member of a minoritized group. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. The program seeks to increase graduate school access for students from groups underrepresented in graduate education, including students from minoritized populations, first-generation college students, students with disabilities, and students from low-income families, as well as those from minoritized racial/ethnic groups. We also encourage applications from those attending academic institutions where research programs are limited.

I am a DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) student or a student with asylee status. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. We do welcome applications from those with a DACA status. However, because DACA students aren’t currently eligible to receive federal aid, it’s advisable to reach out to the program that you’re interested in to see if there is a different funding source available.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. The USREC program is opened to domestic students or international undergraduate students who are attending U.S. post-secondary institutions interested in pursuing a PhD program in the U.S.

Can I apply even though I’m attending a community college?

Yes. Applications from those attending community college are accepted.

I currently attend the Louisiana State University, Tulane or Xavier. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes, all undergraduates from the participating institutions are encouraged to apply.

What is the GPA requirement?

The USREC program does not have a minimum GPA requirement for application. However, each research program may have unique criteria or prerequisites. Learn more by visiting the research program pages.

I’ve applied to the USREC in the past but didn’t get accepted. Can I apply again?

Yes. Students who have applied to the USREC program in the past may apply again. A previous application will not influence your current application.

I’ve previously participated in the USREC or other Louisiana summer research program in the past summer. Can I apply again?

Yes. Students who are previous participants may reapply. Each program has different guidelines for acceptance based on their grant, so you should contact the program PI or coordinator for more information.


When's the best time to apply?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, continuously throughout the application cycle. Because many programs use the priority deadline, aim for a complete application by March 1st.

I’m interested in more than one research program at a Louisiana Institutions. Can I apply for multiple programs?

Yes. The USREC allows applicants to apply for up to three research programs. Additionally, applicants can rank projects of interest within each program.

How are we notified about our application status?

Status notifications are sent via email. Individual research programs will email acceptance offers on a rolling basis until spots are full. Once all offers have been accepted, other notifications are sent via email mid-April.


How many students are accepted for the program?

The exact number of students accepted varies per year. However, we typically make offers to 10-15 students.

If I'm chosen to participate, how long do I have to accept an offer?

There will be a March 15 deadline for binding decisions. Before March 15, any acceptance decision is non-binding.

How is COVID-19 affecting the Summer Research Program?

We anticipate holding our Summer Research Program in-person in 2023, while following the guidelines set by the host institution and the Louisiana Health Department.Precautions may include arrival and/or periodic COVID-19 testing, mask-wearing, socially distanced events, etc. More information will be released prior to the beginning of the program.

Can I enroll in summer school or have a job while participating in the program?

We do not advise taking courses or working while participating in the USREC Program.Participants do research full-time (40 hours/week on average), take part in professional development workshops, and enjoy social activities with other scholars.

How much do we earn for the 8-weeks of research?

Each research group has a pre-set stipend available for scholars.  Scholars will receive a 1099 tax form prior to tax season, as the stipend and the value of housing are taxable items.

Areas of focus