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LCRC Online Program to Explain Access to Clinical Trials

Thursday, Oct. 28 at noon

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Scientists from LSU Health New Orleans, Tulane University School of Medicine, Ochsner Health and Xavier University will discuss how cancer patients can access available clinical trials as part of a special online program debuting on Thursday, Oct.28 at noon.  The public is invited to register here to view the debut of the program. 

Clinical trials are the final step in a long process that begins with lab research. They offer new ways to treat, prevent, and detect cancer.  The video program, hosted by former TV and radio journalist Angela Hill, explain show to locate available clinical trials administered by  Louisiana Cancer Research Center member institutions.  Viewers will learn what a clinical trial involves, why they are important in the fight against cancer, and what atrial can offer a patient in need of treatment beyond conventional therapies.

“Last year, over 2,300 cancer patients enrolled in LCRC-related clinical trials throughout Louisiana. We hope to raise awareness of these important therapies that are available for cancer patients in a brief, easy-to-understand program,” said Sven Davisson, chief executive officer, LCRC. “Clinical trials play a critical role in the development of cancer treatments and our goal is to share information about their availability to patients in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.  Of course, each clinical trial has specific qualifying guidelines and patients should thoroughly discuss participation with their own oncologist.”

The program features researchers from the Tulane Cancer Center and the Gulf South Clinical Trials Network, a regional network which includes LSU Health New Orleans and Ochsner Health.  A Xavier University scientist will provide an update on a breast cancer clinical trial for patients with ER+/HER2 metastatic or advanced breast cancer.

About the LCRC

The Louisiana Cancer Research Center is a unique private-public partnership established in 2002 by the State of Louisiana with the primary strategic objective of building a consortium cancer center capable of attaining national recognition as a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designated Cancer Center. The LCRC's 200+ researchers conduct research of international importance with local impact. Our goal is to build a healthier community by creating more personal victories in the fight against cancer and the tactics that treat and prevent it. LCRC member institutions Tulane School of Medicine, LSU Health, Xavier University, and Ochsner Health work collaboratively toward this mission.


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