Shared Resources

The Support Cores and Shared Resources provide LCRC members with access to technologies, services, and scientific consultation that enhance scientific interaction and productivity. By each consortium partner also supporting shared services for entire center, the collaborative arrangement provides stability, reliability, cost-effectiveness, access to specialized technology and methodology, and quality control. The organization and successful implementation of core initiatives are a critical piece of demonstrating competitiveness for seeking an NCI-designation and a Cancer Center Support Grant.  Shared resources should provide support to the Cancer Center’s programs in a manner that is both cost-effective and supportive of the science.

Each Core must be able to effectively describe the following structure:

  • Services and technologies provided and their importance in relation to the scientific needs and objectives of the cancer center.
  • Qualifications of the resource director(s) and the competence of key technical staff
  • Center policies regarding operation and use of the shared resources, e.g., access, priorities, limitations and chargeback systems.
  • Cost-effectiveness of the resource relative to other options for obtaining the service, such as outside vendors, and the approach used to evaluate the current extent of use by peer-reviewed, funded Center investigators.
  • Maintenance of user logs for each shared resources are required and must be available to site visitors for review.

The LCRC utilizes a system of core research facilities that provide state-of-the-art technologies necessary to assist researchers in their work. Core equipment and services facilitate research across programs and afford resources that no single research laboratory could provide. The following core facilities are available to LCRC members.