Population Sciences

Almost 70% of all cancers can be prevented. Yet, as a field of science significant data gaps exist. Combined with an aging population and record success in survivorship, population-based cancer research is pivotal to our Nation’s health and wellbeing.

Cancer Prevention and Control research has an important cascading effect on the entire continuum of care. Under the LCRC umbrella, investigators engaged in this area of research use holistic “bench to trench” methodologies to solve real risk to real people. Their research involves the development and testing of new biomarkers of effect and susceptibility in at risk populations; epidemiologic studies of specific cancer sites; early detection and screening intervention research; and environmental oncology studies.

LCRC researchers are also engaged in a promising new area of health disparities cancer research with an emphasis on educational and behavioral intervention. Findings of cancer epidemiology, prevention and control research are influential in developing and strengthening national public health policy and practice, and benefit Louisiana’s most vulnerable populations in a demonstrable fashion.

Edward J. Trapido, Sc.D, F.A.C.E., Co-Leader – LSU

Maureen Lichtveld, MD, PhD, Co-Leader – Tulane