Drug Discovery

Significant drug discovery research activities, including drug design, drug synthesis, drug activity determinations, and the development of drug delivery systems, are underway within the LCRC. The work includes a focus on breast cancer by an LCRC investigative team, headed by Dr. Cheryl Stevens that awarded a $1.3 million Department of Defense Breast Cancer Inter-Institutional Training Grant in 2011 entitled “A Drug Discovery Partnership for Personalized Breast Cancer Therapy.” This grant includes three projects involving six investigators from two LCRC partner institutions.

Additionally, LCRC investigators have also found that Follicular Dendritic Cells (FDC) will likely have an impact on the response of tumor cells to chemotherapy. Drs. Yong Sung Choi, PhD, and Li Li, PhD, found that, in some instances, FDC protected B lymphoma cells from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. Thus, by facilitating the survival of tumor cell subpopulations, FDC may contribute to resistance to chemotherapy and eventually to a recurrence of cancer.

Dr. Li has also identified a major colo-rectal cancer  tumor initiating cell / lymph node microenvironment-specific mechanism for cancer resistance to chemotherapeutic agents. In 2011, Dr. Li’s findings were published in Neoplasia where the team indentified a major microenvironment-specific mechanism for resistance to chemotherapeutic agents.  The objective of this research is to better understand the role that the lymph node microenvironment plays in cancer recurrence through its interaction with tumor initiating cell and to identify biomarkers that may be useful in identifying patients at high risk of recurrence.

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