Clinical Research

The clinical research program selects emerging therapies and strategies to offer to our patients as experimental alternatives to routine care. We test new drugs and new strategies developed by our LCRC faculty and in collaboration with colleagues throughout the world. Through the LCRC  consortium institutions, we are affiliated with six federally funded cooperative research groups and collaborate with industry in drug development.

Benjamin R. Lee, M.D. – Tulane

Timothy Church – LSU

Cindy A. Leissinger, M.D. – Tulane

David A. Welsh, M.D. – LSU

Renee Gardner – LSU

Gloria Giarratano – LSU

Edward Helm – LSU

James Korndorffer, M.D. – Tulane

Karen B. DeSalvo, M.D., M.P.H., M.Sc. – Tulane

Krzysztof Moroz, M.D. Yu-The Li, Ph.D. – Tulane

Lolie Yu, MPH, MD – LSU

Alfredo Lopez – LSU

Lowell Anthony, M.D. – LSU

Marc J. Kahn, M.D. – Tulane

Steve Nelson – LSU

Oliver Sartor, M.D. – Tulane

Raju Thomas, M.D. – Tulane

Rebecca Kruse-Jarres, M.D. – Tulane

Jack Strong – LSU

Robert Veith – LSU

Eugene Woltering – LSU