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The Tulane Cancer Center mission is to provide the best possible cancer care, to educate the cancer specialists of today and tomorrow and through research to provide the next generation of treatments and cures for cancer and related diseases.

Our Basic Research Scientists Work With Our Clinicians to Move Us Closer to a Cure— One of the unique aspects of care at an academic cancer center is the close partnership between the cancer clinicians who directly care for patients and the basic scientists who make the laboratory discoveries that in turn bring new treatment options to the clinical setting.  At Tulane, our cancer teams include dozens of laboratory scientists who study cancer at the molecular level and use the data they obtain as well as communication with our clinicians to constantly explore new avenues in the hopes of better understanding cancer and how to cure it.   This is called translational research, and our patients benefit from this “lab bench to bedside” philosophy.

Our Cancer Doctors and Scientists Are Teaching Tomorrow’s Cancer Professionals— Teaching is a major component of our mission.   Our world-renowned physicians and basic research scientists devote themselves to training the next generation of cancer professionals through involvement in the Hematology-Oncology Fellows training program and through the provision of mentorship and resources to medical students, graduate students and postdoctoral research trainees in our many basic science research laboratories.

Our Clinical Research Trials Offer Patients Across the Gulf Coast Access to Investigational Treatment / Prevention Options— Our commitment to clinical research as part of clinical care offers patients throughout the Gulf Coast access to investigational treatment and prevention options that may become tomorrow’s standard of care. As an academic cancer center, Tulane places great importance on offering our patients access to new and evolving treatments for many types of cancer. Clinical research plays a vital role in solving today’s health challenges. Much of the excellent medical care that individuals receive today is the result of innovative, carefully designed clinical studies.  Today’s patients are the beneficiaries of ongoing clinical trials as well as prior clinical research and, at the same time, they contribute to better treatment options we can offer to future patients.

Our Partnership in the LCRC – As one of the founding Louisiana Cancer Research Consortium partners, Tulane University School of Medicine/Tulane Cancer Center have believed in the possibilities and have been committed to the progress of the LCRC since its inception in 2002.  We continue to believe in the power of synergy  – that the whole can be much greater than the sum of its parts – and we continue to strive to work with our Consortium partners to collaborate and investigate new avenues in the search for cures and to provide new treatment options for the citizens of Louisiana.

To learn more about the mission, vision and programs of the Tulane Cancer Center, please click here.