Community Outreach/Education

Since our formation in 2002, we have been involved with education and outreach initiatives.  We are grateful for the support of the State legislature, community members, as well as local and national organizations involved in the fight against cancer. Through annual outreach activities and cancer education events, the LCRC works with colleagues in the immediate community, throughout the state and beyond to promote the importance of cancer prevention, early detection and the vital role that research plays in bringing us all closer to a cure.

Our communication efforts have continued to focus on maximizing opportunities to increase awareness of the LCRC. Strategies have included media relations (TV, radio, print, online), community relations, social media, and website podcasts, which helped reach both internal and external audiences.

The LCRC partners and administrative staff are privileged to be part of a cause with so much community support.   Our supporters include:

-American Cancer Society (Hope Gala)

-Cancer Crusaders (Salute to Survivors Luncheon, Golf Tournament)

-Canal Place (Research for the Cure Gala)

LCRC also supports activities to engage the scientific community as well as the public, including:

-A weekly seminar series, featuring scientific presentations by local, national and international cancer investigators and clinicians.

-An annual scientific retreat that serves as a platform where LCRC-funded researchers can present to their peers and scholars have an opportunity to share ideas.

-Summer Internship Programs, through which high school students are exposed to the possibilities of a career in science.