Problems Accessing Online Training

Problems Accessing Online Training Sessions

This page describes the steps necessary to run the Online Training Sessions as well as provides solutions to the possible problems you might face while trying to access the training sessions. The steps below are for individuals running the training sessions from a CD-ROM. The steps 4-14 will serve for individuals running the training sessions from this website.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Place the CD-ROM in your CD drive

Step 2: You might see a warning message as following (Figure 1). Please click on Yes.

velos1Figure 1

Step 3: The following or similar screen will automatically appear (Figure 2). Please select the training session of your interest.

velos2Figure 2

Step 4: If the following screen appears (Figure 3) you already have Flash Player in your system and should be able to see the training session by clicking on one of the options provided. High Speed Connection provides the best audio/video quality. Please skip steps 5 and 6 if this is the screen (Figure 3) you see:

velos3Figure 3

Step 5: If the following screen appears (Figure 4) you do not have the Flash Player in your system. Please click on the Adobe Flash Website and follow the directions to install the Flash Player in your system.

velos4Figure 4

Step 6: Once the Flash Player is installed close all browser windows and restart this process again from step 1.

Step 7: If you see the following screen (Figure 5) is because Flash Player is trying to make sure that it is safe to run this application. Please click on Settings… to configure Flash Player to play this training session.

velos5Figure 5

Step 8: After clicking on Settings… (Figure 5) you should see the following screen (Figure 6). Please click on the Edit Locations… dropdown menu to see the options available.

velos6Figure 6

Step 9: Click on the option Add location… (Figure 7) to add the training session you are trying to open to the safe list of Flash Player.

velos7Figure 7

Step 10: The Trust this location screen will come up for you to type in what location is safe to run an application. Notice that the Settings Manager (Figure 8) is suggesting the last location/aplication that was trying to play (the training session you were trying to open). Select the path listed on the text box and right click to copy its content.

velos8Figure 8

Step 11: Right click on the text box titled Trust this location and select Paste from the popup menu to past the path that you copied on Step 10 (Figure 9).

velos9Figure 9

Step 12: Once the text is pasted on the Trust this location box click on the buttom Confirm to finish the process (Figure 10).

velos10Figure 10

Step 13: Alternatively, you can just type the initial part of the path you are trying to add (Figure 11). (e.g. E:\, in this case the drive where the session is located). By doing this you are allowing all the training sessions to play. However, anything else that is started from this location will play automatically as well. This might not be the safest way to set Flash in your computer.

velos11Figure 11

Step 14: After setting that is safe to play the training session you should close all browser’s windows and open the training session again. Please refer to Step 1.

Final note: You can also access your Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager by clicking on the following link: settings_manager04.html#117502

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Other Problems:
If you need to report any other problem with the Velos application please contact Kyle Bradford at the Scientific Administration Offices:

Kyle Bradford, MPH
Application Systems Analyst – CTMS
Phone: 504-210-4067
E-mail: kbradford

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