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TFL/LCRC Integration Retreat

February 3, 2017

Louisiana Cancer Research Center (LCRC) pilot project funding will soon be made available for collaborative projects between the faculty of Tulane, LSUHSC, Ochsner, and Xavier as well as staff/faculty of the Tobacco Free Living program (TFL). The long-term goal of this initiative is to develop mechanisms that will better integrate TFL/LCRC clinical and research activities that are focused on tobacco addiction related to cancer in a manner that will assist the LCRC in achieving NCI designation. A key objective will be forming collaborations involving basic researchers, clinicians and population scientists in translational research projects that utilize the unique capabilities of TFL and LCRC institutions to focus on tobacco addiction as related to cancer, particularly in minority communities that reflect health disparities.

As a preliminary effort to help forge such collaborative projects, the LCRC is sponsoring a retreat for those who are interested in learning more about others’ research activities and may wish to submit proposals and engage them in identifying potential and priority projects. The retreat will be held at Xavier University on February 3 (12-5pm).

The retreat will begin with a luncheon, which will include discussion of NIH and other funding programs that provide support for tobacco addiction cancer related research in health disparities as well as a presentation by TFL representatives on their research capabilities and research underway.

During the first session following the luncheon, retreat attendees will be broken into three separate groups, namely, basic research, clinical interventions, and population research and participants will provide information on their research interests and the types of projects they are undertaking or would like to undertake in collaboration with other LCRC/TFL faculty/staff members. After discussion, an attempt will be made to identify unique strengths and a series of NCI/health disparities related questions that might be addressed through collaborations.

The second session will involve bringing together all retreatants, basic scientists, clinicians and population scientists and begin with a presentation on the unique strengths and NCI/health disparities questions/projects that were identified in the previous session. Participants will then have a facilitated “brain storming” session to answer the following questions:


  • What are LCRC institutions’ cross-institutional strengths in regard to addressing provocative questions that need to be answered in the tobacco addiction/cancer/health disparities research area, particularly in regard to the NIH identified priority research and infrastructure needs;
  • On what questions would it make most sense for initial pilot projects to focus and what types of projects might be put together to answer these questions?
  • What future actions need to be taken to build on LCRC’s and TFL’s unique strengths to be able to better answer these questions in the future and obtain NCI designation?


The session will be followed by a reception.


Please find attached a draft agenda for the retreat. If you would like to attend the retreat for which there is no cost to participants online registration is available here:

To view the agenda click here.