Job Title: Research Technician
Job Summary:

The Research Technician is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operation of the Solids and Liquids Section of the Tissue Core. The Research Technician is responsible for consenting patients, sample preparation, transport, primary processing, cryo-preservation, and data entry of human tissue and blood sample data in compliance with Tissue Core protocols and procedures.

Department Name: Biospecimen Core Laboratory

Reports to: Biospecimen Core Manager

Essential Functions:

Obtains surgery schedules from participating hospitals

Travels to local hospital locations for specimen collection

Pursues relevant surgery cases and consents patients prior to surgery

Collects liquid specimens from in-patient areas, operating rooms or clinic sites and transports to lab for processing.  Process blood and urine samples and store specimens accordingly

Performs QA/QC on the specimens and properly store specimens

Performs cell counts using both microscope and cell countess device

Completes all paperwork associated with each specimen

Completes all data entry associated with each specimen.

Manages specimen collections boxes, kits, and patient records

Calls Operating Room (“OR”) of hospitals to locate patients and get updated and accurate collection times for liquid and solid specimens

Delivers liquid nitrogen and specimen kits to pathology area or frozen room where specimen will be collected

Contacts pathologists once solid specimen has arrived in Frozen Section Room

Collects specimens, primary processes them (Snap Freeze, OCT Freeze), and stores them  Primary processing includes:

signing for specimen from OR, contacting pathologist for grossing of specimen,

using scalpel to dissect tumor and corresponding normal given from pathologist

preserving any additional tissue in 10% neutral buffered formalin

Uses liquid nitrogen daily to transport frozen tissues

Stores all specimens in the appropriate manner

Processes and prepares formalin fixed tissues for secondary processing delivery

Prepares histological cutting and staining of banked tissues to be assessed by BCL pathologist

Follows up on secondary processing and forms

Adds, updates, and/or maintains specimen and patient records

Performs related special projects and other related duties as assigned


Must be able to work in a flexible schedule environment; must have reliable transportation.

Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science degree in a Biological Science, Basic Science or related degree; or 3 years of medical laboratory, research  experience  or related practical experience

Preferred Qualifications:

Experience with in tissue culture, sterile techniques or basic Molecular Biology

Knowledge of HIPPA, IRB, OSHA, and PHI policies/regulations

Biobanking experience

Experience in a research and/or healthcare environment

Desired Qualifications:

Ability to work independently

Meticulous attention to detail

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Good team working skills

Good organizational skills

Proficiency in Microsoft Office

Send Resume, Cover letter and copies of certifications to: careers@lcrc.info

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