About LCRC

NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers

LCRC’s mission is to promote education and conduct research in the diagnosis, detection and treatment of cancer, while pursuing a National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation.

NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers are the centerpiece of the nation’s effort to fight cancer.  Becoming an NCI designated cancer center is a highly competitive process.  Successful applicants receive NCI funding support to further develop the applicant center’s infrastructure.  This additional funding can be used for administration, research resources, and for helping the center to pursue planned objectives, as well as take immediate advantage of new basic and clinical research opportunities. In addition to a stronger infrastructure for serving the medically underserved, a region with an NCI-designated center also benefits economically.  Studies indicate that a region will see impacts such as more local business activities and growth in job creation.

NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers are distinguished by leadership in research, education and community programs focused on service and outreach. These designated Centers are a major source of discoveries about the nature of cancer and development of more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and therapy. As we develop the required components necessary to apply for NCI designation, the LCRC consortium partners continue to coordinate efforts, with the goal of providing the exceptional research, treatment, and education in Louisiana that is associated with the nation’s leading NCI- designated cancer centers.