About LCRC


Our new 10-story, $85 million state-of-the-art research facility was completed in 2012 and represents Louisiana’s commitment to eradicate cancer among its citizens. The LCRC structure, along with the work supported by LCRC, is recognized by the State as the beginning of what will be a progressive biomedical corridor emanating from New Orleans and spreading throughout the coastal, southeast United States.

With the opening of this facility, many of the LCRC-supported research faculty and lab resources are under one roof.  Research teams have access to 32,000 square feet of laboratory space. Each of our three lab floors provide procedure rooms, linear lab bays, freezers, centralized wash, access to glassware and sterilization, darkrooms and an environmental room. LCRC staff and investigators also have access to 25,000 square feet of adjoining office and public space to maximize opportunities for planning and sharing. In addition, our main floor conference room houses state-of-the-art communication technology and is capable of accommodating up to 500 people, while our spacious, light-filled lobby is suitable for receptions that could be attended by several hundred people.