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2017 Cessation/Tobacco Pilot Grants

Posted on May 23, 2017

2017 Cessation/Tobacco Pilot Grants

Purpose: The goal of the LCRC/TFL task force is to develop mechanisms that will better integrate TFL/LCRC activities in a manner that will assist the LCRC in achieving NCI designation. As a component of this project, the LCRC Board of Directors has authorized the funding for pilot grants.

Pilot project funds will be awarded to support promising new research of direct relevance to addressing the biological, behavioral, and societal factors that contribute to tobacco use or the biological, behavioral, and societal effects of tobacco use. This will include research on cancers directly associated with usage of tobacco products.

An important goal of these awards will be the forming of collaborations involving basic researchers, clinicians and population scientists in translational research projects that utilize the unique capabilities of TFL and LCRC institutions and focus on tobacco addiction, particularly in minority communities that reflect health disparity issues. It is noted that minority communities tend to be low participants in clinical trials and could be used to demonstrate the feasibility of potential interventions.

The funds will be used to test the feasibility of a concept and gather preliminary data toward the preparation of a grant proposal for submission to NCI or other external sponsor. The objective of these awards is to stimulate new research and build the base of supported research at the Louisiana Cancer Research Center and/or Tobacco Cessation Demonstration Projects.

Projects will be judged on their ability to serve as pilots for future grant funding that will support the goal of NCI designation or the mission of TFL, develops the group of collaborators in a manner that builds on the unique capabilities of LCRC institutions and the TFL program, and strengthens LCRC’s overall effort to address tobacco addiction and illnesses in Louisiana. A focus on minority health issues is especially encouraged.

Proposals should focus on a critical problem in the tobacco addiction/cancer/health disparities area in a manner that ultimately would lead to funding from NCI or other peer reviewed sponsor. Proposals that include a participatory, community based research component are especially encouraged.

Funds: This pilot program will provide one-year support in the amount of $50,000 to $70,000 each (per LCRC policy, indirect costs are not allowed). Up to $400,000 in total will be committed to pilot projects this year, contingent on receiving meritorious applications. Funds may be used for partial support of postdoctoral, student or technical support salaries, supplies, animal costs and scientific services. Funds must be expended within the grant period, funds will not be carried over unless approved by the LCRC Administration in coordination with the LCRC Board.

Eligibility: The applicants must be members of one of the four LCRC partner institutions or the Louisiana Public Health Institute. Lab groups (faculty members and affiliated research staff) may submit only one proposal.

Collaboration requirement: Proposals must involve collaborators from at least two of the four LCRC institutional members and/or someone from the Tobacco Free Living program. Collaborators that include a basic scientist, a population scientist, and a clinician are especially encouraged.

Application Process: Applicants will submit a short proposal (up to 3 pages) delineating the specific aims, rationale, preliminary data (if available), experimental design, anticipated outcome and estimated budget. Proposals should outline the project intended for a full proposal to NCI or other external funding agencies and indicate how the pilot study will contribute to that proposal.

Proposals will be due by July 25, 2017. Applications should be submitted electronically to the LCRC via email to the Chief Administrative Officer sdavisson [@]

Anticipated award date: September 2017

Review: Reviewers will be chosen the executive committee of the TFL/LCRC Task Force. Should any of them have a conflict of interest, appropriate senior level faculty members will be asked to review.

Review Criteria:

  • Standard NIH review criteria: Significance, Approach, Innovation, Investigators, and Environment
  • Potential to improve screening, prevention, and treatment of tobacco use, dependence, as well as the biological, behavioral, and societal effects of tobacco use
  • Feasibility of the proposed plan for later grant submission and importance of expected outcomes from the study to that submission
  • Likelihood of developing cross-institutional, cross-discipline collaboration
  • Demonstrated need
  • Importance of the data to be generated

Final Report: A written report will be due 30 days after the completion of the project. The Principal Investigators will also be expected to present their work to their colleagues at a future TFL/LCRC meeting.

Task Force members: Sven Davisson, Chair, Gene D’Amour, Oliver Sartor, Lisanne Brown, Thomas Carton, Avery Corenswet, Terry Fontham, L. Faye Grimsley, Eboni Price-Haywood, Tonia Moore, Rachel Regn, Rusty Robinson, Dr. Katherine Theall, Dr. Edward Trapido, LaKeisha Williams

For further information, please contact Sven Davisson at sdavisson [@]

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